Diary of an MLS Convert – Week Five East

MLS Convert Diary is a weekly segment that features a group of British soccer enthusiasts sharing their experiences following Major League Soccer. Some have been fans for years, while others are new to the adventure.

These volunteers deserve gratitude for their unwavering dedication despite busy schedules. The success of this feature is well-deserved recognition for giving MLS the time and effort it deserves. It’s heartening to see them all enjoying the journey.

MLS fans have also shown tremendous support by donating team merchandise to several Converts. Fans from New England Revolution and New York Red Bulls have stepped up by shipping items across to their respective British brothers and sisters. They encourage other club supporters to do likewise with any old items bearing your club’s logo like unwanted scarves, jerseys, posters or key rings; get in touch with your Convert representative today! They would appreciate your kindness.

Sam Barker, one of the Converts who supports Philadelphia Union recently received a signed Union scarf and DOOP t-shirt from Zach Pfeffer courtesy Jeffrey Mitchell’s generosity who shipped him these items along with other Union fans’ help making it happen. Although Barker won’t be able to attend a Union game this year due to travel restrictions but plans on funding his trip next season.

Barker finds it odd as a Manchester City fan that unlike in Manchester where City’s biggest rivals are within city limits; however, he was pleased when Torres scored with his first touch against RBNY dashing their dreams while appreciating how loud fans drowned out sound systems at games – he loves supporting Philadelphia Union!

Overall, Converts are having an excellent time following MLS and are grateful for the support they’ve received from MLS fans worldwide encouraging everyone to spread word about Major League Soccer.

The Diary of an MLS Convert has been hugely successful among soccer enthusiasts in the UK & beyond, providing a unique perspective on MLS league which makes even long-time followers want more each week.