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Diary of an MLS Convert – Week Twelve East

DIARY OF AN MLS CONVERT – Week Twelve showcases the views and musings of UK soccer fans who are new to Major League Soccer (MLS). This week’s entry focuses on Eastern teams, covering a range of topics such as the need for MLS highlights to show designated players’ impact, a fresh convert to MLS, maternity leave, and Englishman’s goalscoring achievements.

Sam Barker is a Philadelphia Union fan who shared his team’s recent success story. They went from being the 17th highest-scoring team to fourth place in just one game. Barker expressed his desire for a democratic voting system for the goal of the week like that in MLS where fans can vote on their favorite goals. He also criticized poor editing and lack of structure in highlights shows while suggesting an unbiased show that covers all teams could be an excellent solution.

Mark Bonzer is a Houston Dynamo fan who loves his team’s spirit similar to Blackpool FC, his hometown team. He praised Danny Cruz’s exceptional technique on the ball and discussed Dynamo’s recent game against New York Red Bulls expressing frustration at the draw but acknowledging their outstanding performance. Bonzer wished injured player Brian Ching a speedy recovery and talked about their upcoming game against FC Dallas.

Luke O’Neil was impressed with New England Revolution after watching them play Columbus Crew in his first-ever MLS game. He highlighted DPs’ impact by mentioning David Beckham and Robbie Keane as examples while praising high press tactics used by Revolution during games.

Glenn Robert Williams discussed how he watched games while caring for his newborn child during maternity leave emphasizing family-friendly environments needed in stadiums where parents could comfortably bring children to games. Williams also praised Bradley Wright-Phillips’ goalscoring exploits with four goals scored over two games recently played by New York Red Bulls.

The article concludes by encouraging fans to spread awareness about MLS among local soccer clubs and social media platforms highlighting the passion & enthusiasm shown by UK fans new to the league and aiming towards more fandoms joining up soon!

In conclusion, this article provides insight into thoughts & opinions held by UK soccer enthusiasts newly introduced to Major League Soccer showcasing passion for sport along with observations regarding various aspects including designated players’ impacts or stadium environment suitable for families attending matches! The piece aims at promoting growing popularity amongst British supporters through spreading word-of-mouth marketing techniques across communities nationwide.