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2024 MLS MVP Race: Who Are the Front-Runners?

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The MLS MVP trophy is among the most coveted individual prizes in Major League Soccer. Each year, it rewards the player who has been the most influential in the league, standalone and collectively for the team.

There have been spectacular performances from some of the biggest stars in the league this season. Some of these stars have set impressive records in terms of goals or assists or innovatively influenced the game’s outcomes.

This blog post will discuss the top MLS MVP contenders for the 2024 Season and consider their likelihood of winning this title.

Lionel Messi

MLS Messi

Introducing one of the world’s best football players to MLS has been phenomenal. Lionel Messi may have only starred and featured in 12 Inter-Miami games out of 15, but the Argentinian has been a force to be reckoned with in his games.

Messi averages the highest number of assists per game and is fourth in scoring, meaning he was as much a goalscorer as a playmaker. His performances are limited, and people wonder if he can play enough games to be in contention for the MVP.

Of course, historically, MVP winners participate in more games, but Messi’s performance per game causes loud emotions. If he maintains this rate and gets Miami to the Supporters’ Shield, he could redraw the line regarding MVP.

One cannot ignore Messi’s impact in Inter Miami. His tactical skill in advancing the goal from any angle and setting up his teammates has been efficient. How many games will he play to permanently secure the MVP title or the match’s most valuable player?

Therefore, even if he plays only a few games, his current form and results might be enough in the long run to significantly influence the MLS betting odds.

Christian Benteke

Christian BentekeChristian Benteke’s towering figure has been solid this season for D.C. United. Benteke’s physical prowess and ability to score and win aerial challenges have been helpful to the team. He engaged in about 150 aerial challenges and won all of them.

Most importantly, he has proven to be a menace in front of the opposition, scoring 13 goals in 16 matches. Beneteke’s contributions are not limited to the goals scored. Due to him, D.C. United has climbed the ladder in the standings; a big part is his direct style of plays.

For all these reasons, Christian Benteke deserves to be considered a strong MVP candidate.

Cristian Arango

Cristian Arango emerged as the leading Goal Scorer with 16 goals in 18 games and 4 assists. Since joining Real Salt Lake, Arango has been in excellent form, proving to be a valuable player for his team. There were glimpses of what he could do back in LAFC, but this has been genuinely shown in RSL.

His goal-scoring abilities and general influence in matches have seen him clinch the player of the Match titles several times. This quality has put RSL in a good position for the Supporter’s Shield race, mainly when he performs well in a timely fashion.

Manager Pablo Mastroeni’s praise for Arango also speaks volumes. He said Arango sets the standard daily in training or the game. And that’s what elite players do; they have big shoulders and are not afraid to take the burden of the group on their backs.

Luis Suárez

Suarez Signs for Inter Miami
Suarez was 36 when he signed for Inter Miami

Although many had doubts about his physical fitness at the beginning of the current season, Luis Suárez is an essential attacking player for Inter Miami. He has scored an impressive 12 goals in 16 matches and has 5 assists.

His connection with Lionel Messi has been exciting for Miami’s games. They have formed a lethal pair that has caused havoc to other teams’ defenses. Due to his determination, aggressive attitude on the floor, and technical abilities regarding the game, he ought to be a candidate for MVP.

Suárez has also demonstrated that it does not matter how old a player is; a player can still perform at their best, even at 37 years of age. His knack for putting the ball into the goal and helping his teammates become decisive when the game is in the balance has been decisive for Miami.

Luciano Acosta

The current MVP, Luciano Acosta, is doing everything possible to repeat this year’s achievement. He is en route to another impressive year with 7 goals and 12 assists. These numbers have benefited FC Cincinnati, which is again leading the league.

Aside from statistics, Acosta’s impact is also seen in his physical presence on the field. His presence pressures the opposing team to adjust its formation, constantly opening gaps for his teammates.

That means he presents a constant threat, mainly due to his excellent dribbling and passing skills. Based on Acosta’s single-handed performance for his successive MVP title, FC Cincinnati never failed to take this off-season as a signal for their success this season.


The MLS MVP race is on, and these guys are all good. Each player brings top-tier performances and distinct qualities to their respective teams. As the 2024 season makes headway, their ability to lead their teams to victory will shape or dictate who brings home the coveted MVP title.