All Time Top Scorers in the MLS

Scoring goals is a crucial element in soccer that brings immense joy and satisfaction to players and fans. Throughout the years, numerous players have emerged as top scorers in MLS history.

This article will overview the ten all-time leading goal-scorers in MLS history. We’ll delve into their biographies, career achievements, and what contributed to their success on the field – including how team structure plays just as significant a role as personal attributes.

For young aspiring footballers looking for inspiration from these successful athletes’ paths toward greatness, understanding what sets them apart can be helpful – so let’s explore why they stand out amongst others.

Top 10 All-Time Scorers in the MLS

A soccer league’s success heavily relies on the players who score goals, and in Major League Soccer, a handful of athletes have earned recognition as all-time top scorers. This section explores each player’s personal story, the number of scored goals, and noteworthy accomplishments throughout their playing history.

1. Chris Wondolowski (171 goals)

Chris Wondolowski

Chris Wondolowski has cemented his place as an MLS legend, having spent most of his career with San Jose Earthquakes. However, after transferring from Houston Dynamo in 2009, he became one of the most formidable strikers in league history. His achievements include setting records like being the first player to score at least ten goals for nine consecutive seasons.

Wondolowski’s impressive performances have earned him numerous accolades, such as winning the MVP award in 2012 and clinching the Golden Boot six times by finishing atop the league scorers’ chart. He is also a frequent All-Star selection – eight times during his illustrious tenure on the field.

2. Landon Donovan (145 goals)

Landon Donovan

Landon Donovan is widely regarded as America’s greatest-ever soccer player due to his exceptional skills on the pitch and numerous accomplishments off it. Donovan played for LA Galaxy during his twelve seasons with MLS; however, he had brief stints at Bayer Leverkusen and Everton.

Donovan retired as a seven-time Best XI member alongside numerous other awards, such as MVP titles he earned over his long-running professional career.

3. Kei Kamara (139 goals)

Kei Kamara

Kei Kamara scored a remarkable 139 goals playing for multiple clubs across Major League Soccer during his time there before ultimately hanging up his boots after playing for Minnesota United FC last season.

Kamara led Columbus Crew SC to victory against New York Red Bulls with two incredible strikes en route to winning the Eastern Conference Championship title while earning personal accolades like Honda MVP finalist nominations along the way too.

4. Jeff Cunningham (134 goals)

Jeff Cunningham

Jeff Cunningham was one of MLS’ most feared strikers thanks to his pace and smooth dribbling movements, allowing him enough space near opposition’s net. This has resulted in racking up impressive goalscoring statistics -140 successful attempts by retirement- while also bagging prestigious awards like Golden Boots twice during long-lasting professional years.

5. Josef Martinez (133 goals)

Josef Martinez

Martinez became Atlanta United’s talismanic striker since arriving from Serie A side Torino in 2017, scoring an astonishing record-breaking 31-goal tally en route to lifting Major League Soccer’s Cup, becoming a recent addition to the list sitting with 133 successful attempts so far.

6. Bradley Wright-Phillips (117 goals)

Bradley Wright-Phillips

Bradley Wright-Phillips made headlines following his move from Charlton Athletic FC to New York Red Bulls becoming part & parcel of club success leading famous franchisees towards Supporter Shield triumphs, converting numerous penalty-kick opportunities breaking multiple records along the way, including being the fastest player ever to reach milestone marks amongst others too.

7. Ante Razov (114 goals)

Ante Razov

Ante Razov has left behind an impressive legacy when it comes down to striking prowess bagging more than hundred-fourteen successful attempts under different team jerseys across multiple seasons, making him one of the elite forwards ever to grace this beautiful game within the North American continent regardless of the era played throughout the industry.

8. Jason Kreis (108 goals)

Jason Kreis

Jason Kreis carved out a successful career early on with Dallas Burn, leading the line-up up front, proving vital cogs within tactical set-ups netting plenty-of-successful-attempts during his tenure notching up some significant accomplishments too, like the youngest-ever coach hired within the Major Soccer League system while now helming Real Salt Lake successfully guiding them towards playoffs championship trophies alike.

9. Dwayne De Rosario (104 goals)

Dwayne De Rosario

Dwayne De Rosario proved himself to be a one-of-a-kind player, elevating his teammates and team performances remarkably well throughout his entire professional journey amassing tens upon tens-of-great finishes across competitions, regularly getting recognized, and meeting many milestones along the way too.

10. Taylor Twellman (101 goals)

Taylor Twellman

Taylor Twellman will always be remembered fondly due to his excellent contributions towards his overall success, pointedly highlighting America’s quest-pursuits concerning excellence and striving to constantly score back-to-back goals emerging perennial favorites amongst fans throughout the decorated professional run this beautiful game sparked.

The individuals featured in this list are a rare breed of soccer players who have left an indelible mark on American soccer. Each possesses unique qualities that set them apart from their contemporaries and contribute to their legendary status.

The Secrets Behind Their Success

While scoring goals is undoubtedly the hallmark of success for any striker, there’s more to these top 10 all-time MLS scorers than just putting balls into the back of nets. It takes something special – dedication, skill, perseverance – to achieve sustained excellence at such a high level.

Their Attributes

The all-time top scorers in the MLS have displayed a particular set of personal attributes that have contributed significantly to their success. These attributes include permanent determination, technical skills, and an opportunistic mindset.

Firstly, a permanent determination is a crucial attribute possessed by these players. They never settle for mediocrity and are constantly striving to improve themselves. This level of mental fortitude has helped them overcome obstacles on and off the pitch throughout their careers.

Secondly, technical skills such as speed, agility, finishing abilities, and heading accuracy are some essential attributes needed to succeed as a prolific scorer at this level. These players can create scoring opportunities in almost any situation due to their exceptional skillset.

Moreover, these players display an opportunistic mindset that allows them to take advantage of even half-chances during matches. As a result, they often find themselves in positions where they can frequently shoot, leading towards more goalscoring opportunities.

Lastly, the ability to accurately convert chances into goals is another vital attribute shared by these top scorers in MLS history. In addition, they possess excellent composure under pressure, enabling them to stay calm in front of goals and make intelligent decisions when it matters most.

These personal attributes separate these top scorers from their peers, making them stand out as elite footballers who have made significant contributions to shaping the MLS league’s history.

Impact of their Playing Clubs

The playing clubs that these top scorers in the MLS represent have significantly impacted their success. Factors such as teamwork among players, quality training sessions, and fan support contribute to creating an environment where players can thrive.

Teamwork is essential for attackers to receive more passes in dangerous areas leading to increased scoring chances. These players rely heavily on their teammates’ creativity and vision to provide them with clear-cut opportunities that they can convert into goals.

Moreover, quality training sessions are crucial in bringing out the best in individual players and fostering team cohesion, leading to better performances on match days. The coaching staff’s input during these sessions allows the players to develop new skills or refine existing ones, leading to improved overall performance.

Lastly, having support from fans is essential in boosting player morale, leading to peak performances during games. The encouragement and cheers from fans create a positive atmosphere that helps players remain focused while enjoying themselves during matches.


The top 10 all-time top scorers in MLS history have achieved remarkable feats due to their attributes and playing clubs’ impact. Their permanent determination to excel, coupled with technical skills such as speed, agility, and finishing abilities, alongside receiving accurate passes from midfielders while taking advantage of shooting opportunities frequently, are some essential attributes necessary for success at this level.

Furthermore, teamwork among players, quality training sessions, and fan support create an environment where these players can thrive, leading to improved overall performances on match days. These factors play a crucial role in shaping these top scorers’ careers by providing them with the right platform that enables them to perform at their best consistently.

As we look forward to future seasons, it will be interesting to see if new names join this elite group or if some current members break even more records. The importance of record-breaking achievements cannot be overstated, as they inspire younger footballers to aim higher and strive for greatness within the MLS league. Ultimately, with hard work and dedication combined with a supportive playing club environment, anything can achieve record-breaking achievements within the MLS league.