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Is The MLS Season Pass Worth It?

The MLS Season Pass on Apple TV+ represents a groundbreaking new era for viewing Major League Soccer matches. Through the league’s partnership with Apple, fans now have an unparalleled streaming package covering every single MLS regular season and playoff game. Some of the key components of the Season Pass include:

  • No Local Blackouts – fans get access to every game, including local market matches typically subject to blackout rules
  • On-Demand Replays – full match replays available as soon as the final whistle blows
  • Original Programming – exclusive behind-the-scenes and analysis content
  • Enhanced Feeds – additional camera angles and stats overlays
  • English & Spanish Broadcasts – airs matches in both languages

For $14.99 monthly or $99 annually, never missing an MLS moment has never been easier thanks to the Season Pass. But is it the right choice for all fans?

What Fans Get with the Season Pass

Let’s explore the key benefits that the complete Season Pass package on Apple TV+ delivers:

  • Non-stop, comprehensive access to every single MLS match all year long
  • Value-added shoulder programming taking fans beyond the pitch
  • Studio preview shows hyping upcoming marquee matchups
  • Flexible streaming allowing live viewing or on-demand catching up
  • Multi-language broadcasts reaching English and Spanish-speaking viewers

The Pass is designed for the most passionate MLS fans wanting a one-stop shop. But for more casual soccer viewers, the year-long commitment and cost may be deterrents to consider before subscribing.

Potential Drawbacks of the Season Pass

While the Pass grants unmatched MLS access, there are some negatives to weigh:

  • Exclusive to Apple TV+ – requires compatible device and platform
  • Upfront Annual Cost – $99 at once may be unwieldy
  • Ongoing Subscription – monthly charge affects budget
  • Missing Live Atmosphere – lacks communal viewing experience

These factors may lead some fans to think twice and evaluate other avenues to catching MLS action instead of solely relying on the Season Pass.

Alternatives to Complement or Replace Season Pass

For fans hesitant about the Season Pass for the reasons above or looking for supplemental ways to watch games, here are the major alternative viewing methods available:

Traditional Cable/Satellite Packages

Subscribing fans can watch marquee national MLS broadcasts through typical cable channels like Fox, FS1, UniMas and Fox Deportes. This allows viewing through preferred traditional TV setups.


  • No extra costs with existing cable/satellite bundle
  • Airs high-profile rivalry and playoff matches
  • Provides reliable streaming not dependent on internet


  • Overall TV packages can be quite costly
  • MLS coverage is not nearly comprehensive as Season Pass

Third-Party Streaming Services

Major platforms like Hulu Live, Sling TV and FuboTV incorporate soccer programming, including some MLS matches, into channel bundles fans may already be paying for.


  • Bundles MLS as small piece of wider content offerings
  • Often discounted introductory free trial periods


  • Inclusion of MLS matches varies significantly service to service
  • Full Season Pass-esque access to every game unlikely

Free Sampling Options

For tentative fans not ready to spend, free trials like an over-the-air antenna for local broadcasts or the Apple TV+ free weekly MLS stream allow complimentary sampling of matches to gauge interest.


  • Completely free with no fees
  • Provides a glimpse of MLS for casual/uncertain fans


  • Very minimal percentage of the overall MLS season slate
  • Often contingent onDM geographical limitations

Alternative Viewing Venues

Bars, restaurants and other communal locales are natural gathering points for fans to take in MLS matches through public viewings.


  • Enjoyable group setting with shared excitement
  • No subscriptions, accounts or apps needed for access


  • Games shown dependent on venue’s discretion/preferences
  • Inconsistent week-to-week availability

Summarizing the Value Equation

When balancing the pros and cons of each method, the ultimate MLS viewing decision depends greatly on personal budget, preferences and, perhaps above all, level of investment in Major League Soccer fandom.

For devoted and passionate followers of the league unwilling to miss any of the action, the Season Pass is likely worth the plunge as the go-to option guaranteeing comprehensive access.

But for fans with more casual interest just looking to catch the occasional match, leveraging some combination of the alternate viewing avenues may prove more sensible than shouldering the full cost of the Pass.

By identifying their unique needs and budgetary flexibility, MLS fans can determine the right viewing fit at the right price to enjoy America’s top soccer circuit.