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Copa América 2024: A Celebration of Soccer in the USA


In 2024, the United States will once again host the prestigious Copa América, showcasing the exceptional talent of 16 national teams from across the Americas. This momentous occasion marks the second time in history that the tournament has expanded to include such a diverse range of competitors. With the competition scheduled for the North American summer, soccer fans worldwide eagerly anticipate a spectacular display of skill, passion, and unity.

The 2024 Copa América will bring together CONMEBOL’s 10 South American national teams and six CONCACAF invitees. This joint effort by both confederations aims to strengthen and develop soccer in their respective regions. Notably, the United States previously hosted and participated in the special edition of the CONMEBOL Centennial America Cup in 2016, where Chile emerged as the triumphant victor.

A Strategic Partnership for Growth and Development

This collaborative effort between CONMEBOL and CONCACAF extends beyond the 2024 Copa América, as it also includes women’s national team competitions and the establishment of a new club tournament. For CONMEBOL, the expanded America Cup offers valuable preparation opportunities for their men’s national teams in anticipation of the 2026 FIFA World Cup, which will also take place in the North American region. Meanwhile, CONCACAF will benefit from the arrangement by providing more high-quality competitions for their men’s national teams.

Building on a Legacy: The 48th Edition of Copa América

The upcoming 48th edition of the Copa América follows in the footsteps of the 2016 tournament, which also featured 16 participating countries and took place in the United States. In the 2023-24 Concacaf Nations League, six Concacaf guest nations will qualify to compete in the illustrious event. As the 2026 FIFA World Cup approaches, the Copa América 2024 serves as an essential opportunity for South American teams to acclimatize to an expanded 48-team World Cup, primarily hosted on US soil.

A New Club Tournament: Uniting the Americas’ Best Teams

Apart from the Copa América, both CONMEBOL and CONCACAF are working together to launch a new “final four” style club competition. This collaborative event will feature the best clubs from each confederation, with two teams qualifying from their respective competitions. The first edition of this new tournament is tentatively scheduled for 2024, paving the way for an MLS club to potentially claim the title of the Americas’ top team.

The Excitement Builds: A Celebration of Soccer in the United States

In conclusion, the 2024 Copa América promises to be an unforgettable celebration of soccer in the United States. With 16 talented teams coming together from both CONMEBOL and CONCACAF, the stage is set for an extraordinary display of passion, skill, and unity. As we look forward to this monumental event, soccer fans around the world eagerly await the thrilling matches and unforgettable moments that are sure to unfold. The Copa América 2024 is poised to become a memorable chapter in the history of soccer, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations to come.