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What’s in store for Inter Miami and Beckham after COVID-19


David Beckham is one of the most recognizable football players in the history of the game. He is among those who not only became a pop culture icon during his heydays but also proved his value on the pitch. While playing for Manchester United and Real Madrid, Beckham won everything there is to be won in club football. He has been doing well as a businessman too. His wife Victoria Beckham and he are investing in various businesses mostly with success but it looks like their punt on Inter Miami might have gone wrong. David Beckham perhaps was the first big name to come to Major League Soccer (MLS) after having a top-tier career in Europe. With his effortless charisma and skills on the pitch, he became a football icon in the United States and played a massive part in popularizing the sport in the country. Founding his franchise to compete in the MLS was perceived as a smart move.

Inter Miami was founded on the idea of becoming the powerhouse of modern-day football in the MLS, with Beckham as its face and strong financial backing from multiple entities. Inter Miami started competing at the beginning of March and having lost to LAFC and DC United, Beckham was eager to get the club’s first win against his former MLS club LA Galaxy but Coronaviris has led the world to a standstill, and Miami’s first season in the MLS stands cancelled. Coronavirus has left the club on thin ice as the club requires revenue even more than anything else. Since the club is brand new it means the momentum they gained might be lost due to the spread of COVID-19 and may also take a toll on their ambition to play in their stadium, Miami Freedom Park which is scheduled to be finished in 2022. Coronavirus will affect clubs everywhere especially the new ones such as Inter Miami are going to suffer the most.

If the pandemic continues to spread, it would be a massive disaster for Beckham and his team. Beckham as of now has his hands tied and might be regretting the timeline of launch for Inter Miami, as economic disruptions might dilute the interest of Investors in the club. Beckham might also find it hard to finalise plans for Miami Freedom Park as the economic toll of Coronavirus might leave him looking for investments all over again. This is the latest in a long list of issues which have plagued the inception of the club and construction of the stadium. But, there might be a Silver Lining, since Beckham has the ambition of bringing top shots in football to Miami and if he succeeds in signing players like David Silva or Edison Cavani, Inter Miami might have a shot at salvaging their existence in the MLS.